Your Answer To A Healthy Sugar Free Lifestyle

Craving Sugar No Matter How Hard You Try To Avoid It? It’s Not Your Fault! Let Me Show You What Most People Don’t Know

Dear struggling dieter, the person who stays on track 50% of the time and anyone else who wants to end their difficult relationship with sugar-

Isn’t it ironic that it’s actually sexy, now, to do a “Sugar Detox” but we’re also bombarded everyday with messages, photos, commercials, billboards and more that endorse sugar in abundance? What if it really isn’t your fault? What if…. With all the programmed messages you encounter every day, along with your brain craving sugar more than you even realize- the sad reality is no one will ever be able to be completely off sugar UNTIL they find out why their body is craving, addicted and struggling in the first place. 

There’s no judgement! I understand from working with my amazing clients that no one is exempt- even if you have a high level of endurance and self control. If your mind and body is craving sugar, it’s inevitable that we’re going to fall.

I want to talk about my 90 Day Sugar Detox Program and invite you to take a deeper look at it, especially if you are struggling with compulsive eating, fighting chronic disease like Type 2 Diabetes

What if you never had to worry about your weight again? Or….. the diseases that have been caused by excess sugar consumption were released.

You’re Brain Is Fighting You!

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As an exercise trainer I’ve worked with many clients over the past few years and one of the biggest struggles I hear about is, “How can I kick this damn sugar habit?” Even people who are serious about health, want to get fit and are committed are reporting that it’s impossible to end the battle with sugar! So…. What can we do?! Whether it is the sugary treats, the bread, cookies or the pasta. Sugar is not only something that many people think about every day, but it’s also the number one thing that people who exercise or workout at a gym say is impossible to break.

But what if…. We could FLIP A SWITCH inside of our mind and teach our body and mind to work together to STOP the cravings and release back to us everything that’s being blocked when we’re addicted to this poison?!

There is! I can help YOU to flip the switch on your brain!


Studies show that we are now consuming 37 times more sugar per year, than our grandparents consumed. And when you have that much sugar floating around in your blood stream, it causes inflammation in your body and starts a bunch of health issues.  Inflammation alone will ‘crave’ more sugar to try to stabilize itself. Sadly, it just creates a horrific problem. Maybe you’re there? You crave sugar, your joints hurt and no matter what you do- it won’t quit. Did you know that sugar is now linked to the majority of chronic diseases like Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease,  and they are now calling Alzheimer’s, the “New”  Type 3 Diabetes.  How did we get here? Our brain and body craving what we don’t want.

It’s scary to think that even children or adults who addicted to sugar tend to crave sugar in EVERY form- French fries, white bread, processed ham and more. It’s not just candy and soft drinks that’s destroying us. The brain will look for any way to raise the sugar levels to get it’s ‘fix’.

What if you could FLIP THE SWITCH on your brain and never struggle with sugar again?!

Willpower is not the issue. Yet billions of dollars in cleanses, detox kits and self-control courses will be sold each and every year leading people to believe that they only need more ‘willpower’ and commitment. Here’s the truth…..

Wooden spoon with tape measure and vegetables, concept of slimming, healthy lifestyle and nutrition

 IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT. It never has been.

NO ONE is teaching why you cannot stick to any diet! No one is teaching you that you have COMPLETE power to overcome your cravings and in some cases, your addiction to sugar.

If you LOVE donuts and CRAVE candy… there’s a very good reason for that and I can help!

My name is Petrolene Le Roux, and I’ve been working with people, just like you, on their sugar addiction over the past years and I’ve spent over 20+ years in healthcare and medical research, and saw the devastating effects of sugar and processed foods in thousands of patients and fitness clients who struggled to get out of the guilt and shame of binge eating.

Little did they know that they would have no control over their decisions.

Not only has it become my passion to help other, I even saw the grip of sugar and processed foods in my own life.

LET’S FACE THE FACTS: There’s now enough scientific evidence available, that shows exactly how toxic sugar and processed foods are. But sugar is in EVERYTHING. So how exactly do you avoid the sugary and junk foods? I HAVE your answer.

What if you could stop craving sugar, and end FOREVER the battle between what you should eat and shouldn’t eat? It can be done and I’m here to show you!

In this 12-week course, you will learn:

  • How we get hooked onto sugar and junk food. And it’s not what you think!
  • What are some natural ‘triggers’ we can eliminates
  • How sugar cravings/ addiction can run in an entire family
  • How to get sabotage messages out of your head
  • How to get rid of cravings and hunger
  • Why sugar can bloat you without even gaining weight and how to overcome this problem
  • How to free your thoughts and mind from the constant food-battle in your head. Our brains are brilliant!
  • How to reclaim your ability to make positive food choices
  • How to create sustainable lifestyle changes for you and your entire family


ALERT!! You might even lose some weight during the journey! Once your body stops the cravings, your natural weight will be much easier to achieve and maintain.

Are you looking for a practical guide to help you mend your relationship with food once and for all?  I can help!

The best tools you can have for good health, are knowledge and understanding the real problem behind the constant cravings and hunger pains.

The people who succeed are the ones who get complete control of their cravings – Prof Tim Noakes

Professor Emeritus, University of Capetown, Founder of the Noakes Foundation and Banting Diet

IMAGINE…you wake up every morning with so much energy that you WANT to work out!

Imagine you finally live a life where you wake up refreshed every morning with increased energy for the day!

Imagine your day without a chocolate!

Imagine a life where food does not control you! 

Imagine it NOW!

Here’s What’s Included:

  • Instant Access to your course material
  • 90 Day Action Plan to recover from you food and sugar obsession
  • Access to our live  chat support
  • Daily step-by-step actions for different areas of your life
  • Video Trainings
  • Downloadable Worksheets



$197 once off

$47 per month

This Program Will Teach You How To

Stop Cravings

Teach you why we crave food and how to stop the cravings and hunger once and for all

Live Life Sugar Free

How to live a sugar free and healthy life once and for all and still do the things you love.

Make Healthy Decisions

Teach you how big food marketing hook us and how to make healthier decisions amidst all the the sugar-laden products on our shelves.

Who should take this course:

  • Someone who is struggling to change the course of their health
  • Someone who cannot control their night time snacking
  • Someone who struggles to ditch the bread and pastries and sweets
  • Someone who struggles to stick to a diet
  • Someone who’s on chronic medication
  • Someone who’s locked into a cycle of compulsive eating
  • Someone who is addicted to weight-loss and the “search for the perfect plan”
  • Someone who is willing to give themselves a life changing gift for the next 90 days

You should NOT take this course if you are:

  • Someone who thinks you can eat what you want and just “exercise it off”
  • Someone who have no intention of taking any action
  • Someone who complains all the time
  • Someone who hates hard work and are just looking for an easy fix or another gimmick to lose weight.



$47 per month

I cannot wait to work with you and take you on a 90 Day Life Changing Journey!

I’ll see you inside the course!